Here is another wild west adventure that we played out using our home-made rules.

For this game we used 8 x 54mm cowboy figures and 11 x Timpo and Britain's buildings. This time the buildings were from our work in progress restorations box, as we were representing a wild west ghost town.

Our idea for the scenario was inspired by the popular board game, 'Cluedo'.
Somewhere in a deserted town is a hidden bag of money. It has to be found by a process of elimination and also by keeping an eye on the other player's strategy. The money also has to be taken out of the town, and since the other player is also after the money, that's where the usual gunfight rules come in.

Here's how we hid the money in one of the buildings whilst at the same time being unaware of which building it was.

We wrote the name of each building down on separate cards. Two storey buildings had a card for each of the floors. The cards were shuffled.
One card was removed and put aside. This card is kept face down and represents the place where the loot is hidden.
The remaining cards were dealt face down to the two players. Each player now knows half of the locations where the treasure isn't hidden.
Players toss a coin to see which end of the street their gang enters from.
A player's character can search a building, or the floor of a building by spending one turn there and not doing anything else.
At the beginning of the following turn the other player must show the card for the searched location, if he has one.
If the other player does not have the card and the searching player does not have it either, then the player searching knows he has found the treasure. Of course he can bluff and may search a location he holds the card for.
The searching player does not have to announce his find until he chooses. But he must announce it if he wants to move the treasure from the building, and then he must turn over the treasure card to verify his find.
Once the treasure is announced the finding player must try to get his characters to carry it out of the main street from the direction they entered it.
The other player can capture the treasure during combat. The other player may not have his characters know of the find until one of them is in sight of the character carrying the moneybag. Normal gunfight rules apply throughout the game and shooting can start at any time.

So, here's what happened...

Two rival outlaw gangs were heading for Prosperity. Prosperity was a ghost town. Both gangs were searching for the same hidden payroll, stolen from the army several months earlier.
The payroll was hidden in one of the deserted buildings, and a hasty map had been drawn showing where the stolen money was located. Both gangs had gotten hold of pieces of the map, but neither had the complete map and neither knew precisely where the loot was hidden.

Jed Blake and his gang rode up to the eastern side of the desolate ghost town and dismounted. Along with Blake were Akin, Turner, and Finch. The four men made their way slowly down the southern side of the long deserted main street. As they walked, Blake pulled a torn map from his pocket, carefully comparing it with what he could see. He decided to send Turner on ahead to check out what remained of the First National Bank.

Meanwhile, at the western side of town, George Logan and his gang were cautiously walking into the main street. Along with Logan were Kyle, O'Riley and Clayton. As they stopped beside a crumbling adobe building on the northern side of the street, Logan gave his orders. Kyle sprinted on ahead, hurrying past the old jail house.

While Turner climbed to the top of the rickety stairs on the side of the First National Bank, Blake and Akin turned down the side street heading for the rear of the building. Finch was left to stand guard at the bottom of the steps.

Logan, O'Riley and Clayton looked warily around as Kyle climbed the steps of the derelict saloon. They could see the other gang at the other end of the street.
"No sense in starting a fight yet..." Logan told his men, "If they find the money first we'll deal with them then. Meantime they can help us search."

Turner made a rapid search of the empty upper floor of the First National Bank. Finding nothing he went back out through the open door. Blake and Akin headed for the rear entrance of the bank.

Kyle reached the top of the stairs of the old saloon and pushed open the door. Leaving O'Riley at the foot of the steps, Logan and Clayton made their way around to the back of the marshal's office.

Akin stepped through the back door into the ground floor of the First National Bank and began searching.

Kyle stepped into the upper floor of the saloon and found that there was no upper floor. He grabbed tightly to the door for support, his feet swinging over empty space. Logan and Clayton walked up to the rear door of the marshal's office, preparing to make a search.

Blake had made his way around the back of the First National Bank and was now heading back towards the main street, the general store was on his left. Turner climbed up onto the roof of the bank.

Kyle found the stolen money hanging from a beam in the upper storey of the saloon. He started to make his way back down the stairs with the bag. O'Riley was waiting at the bottom of the steps.

From down the street, Blake saw Kyle with the bag and took aim with his rifle. He pulled the trigger, but the rifle misfired.
O'Riley swung around and fired his pistol at Blake, as the man ducked back behind the general store. The bullet thudded into the rotting wood inches from Blake's head.

Hearing shots, Turner crawled to the edge of the roof of the bank. He quickly aimed his rifle and shot at Kyle. Kyle was hit and dropping the bag he fell unconscious to the ground with a head wound.
Akin hurried out of the back door of the bank.
Blake fired back at O'Riley. O'Riley was hit in the chest and fell dead at the foot of the Silver Dollar steps.
Akin hurried down the back alley behind the general store.

Logan dashed over to the saloon steps where Kyle and O'Riley lay sprawled in the dirt, and grabbed the bag of money.
Turner, still on the roof of the bank, took a shot at Logan with his rifle. The shot missed as Logan dived for cover behind the saloon steps.

Blake and Akin were now taking cover on opposite sides of the general store. Finch, aiming to get behind what remained of the rival gang, left the bank and began crossing to the north side of the main street heading for the stage coach station.

Turner reloaded his rifle, while Blake and Akin dashed behind the rear of the livery stable.

On the opposite side of the street, Logan and Clayton dodged behind the marshal's office and headed for the back of the old jail.

Outside the saloon, Kyle regained consciousness, and seeing Finch approaching, shot him with his rifle. Finch staggered back, seriously wounded.

From up on the roof of the bank, Turner shot Kyle with his rifle, wounding him in the gut.

As Logan and Clayton broke cover, running towards the adobe ruin at the end of the main street, Blake stepped out from behind the livery stable, and opened fire with his rifle. Logan was killed.

Clayton dived to the ground, taking cover behind the body of his former boss. He reached out and grabbed the fallen money bag.

Blake advanced towards Clayton, dodging behind a water trough in front of the livery stable for cover. He took a shot, but missed. Meanwhile Akin hurried around the back of the livery office, heading for the western side of the building. Blake cursed as he missed a second time.

Turner took another shot at Kyle but missed.
Finch staggered towards the saloon and then fell dead.

Clayton managed to crawl behind the adobe ruin, the bag of money held tightly in his grip. Down the street, Kyle collapsed and died from his wounds.

Blake moved to the rear, eastern corner of the livery office, opposite the adobe ruin. Akin came around the back of the livery office and began crossing the main street heading for the western side of the adobe ruin.

Clayton got to his feet. Keeping himself mostly hidden behind the crumbling wall he took aim at Akin as he drew nearer. He fired but missed. Blake started crossing the street, heading towards the eastern side of the adobe building.

Clayton decided to make a run for it. Clutching the bag of money he dashed from cover in an attempt to reach the horses.

With one remaining bullet in his rifle Blake fired. This time he didn't miss. Clayton was killed. The money bag lay in the street...