Catalogue Number 257

Out on the plains the soldiers have built a stockade outpost. It's a good deal smaller than their Fort Worth. Doesn't have any buildings, they just use it for storing supplies for cavalry patrols.
Once in a while the Injuns they are supposed to be pacifying get a mite riled about their land being stolen and promises being broken by the Great White Chief and such-like.
Anyways, you know how it goes. The sergeant says he doesn't like it on account of it being too quiet. Then he gets an Injun arrow in his chest and all hell breaks loose. By this time of course the sergeant is probably past caring.

Timpo Wild West Outpost

This set is essentially a cut-down version of the Timpo Wild West Fort, 3 walls wide by 2 walls deep. It was released in 1970.
The Outpost takes a lot less time to assemble than the Fort, but there are no buildings included.

the cavalry figures were initially 1st series and later replaced by 2nd series cavalry as seen here. The Indians were 2nd series figures.

In 1973 the box and accessories were changed. The 4 cacti ware changed for 2 cacti and a tree. The cavalry were reduced to 5 standing figures. The Outpost was replaced in 1975 by another version with the same reference number.

Timpo outpost from above

In our scene we have added a Timpo army tent and also some Barzso and Marx boxes and barrels that we have painted.