Let me introduce you to some of Tabletop's heroes and villains.

I'm not saying which of 'em are the heroes and which are the villains - I'll leave you to decide that. Best be polite though....
Firstly, here are two fine dudes that just showed up. Since we've had the railroad coming through our town we get a lot more folks passing through here. Some of 'em tend to hang around more than others, if'n you get my meanin'.
Anyways, here are Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Don't ask me why they're here in Tabletop, I certainly won't be asking them.

Wyatt Earp

Doc Holiday

Sideshow Wyatt Earp Sideshow Doc Holiday

Two fine looking gentlemen, as I'm sure you'll agree.
Wyatt Earp and 'Doc' Holiday are doubtless here on business. I'd reckon that business will mean there'll be some shooting before too long. Rumour is they have a score to settle.
Now I'm not one to be gossiping, as y'all can tell. But it seems Wyatt has taken a fancy to one of the town's young ladies. I say 'lady' 'cos I'm a gentleman in these matters. Anyhow, Wyatt and the girl, Barbie's her name, seem to be seeing a lot of each other these past weeks.
Oh, and you didn't hear any of that talk from me ya here?

Sideshow Wyatt Earp with a western Barbie

Well, no one would be happier than me if Miss Barbie settled down with a man. She's not the settling kind though and that could cause some trouble.

Sideshow Billy The Kid

Billy The Kid

This young man arrived in Tabletop a while back. Goes by the name of Billy The Kid. I hear he's wanted by the law. So it might be best to keep out of his way.
Sideshow Billy the Kid with a western Barbie

The three gunfighters were produced by Sideshow and they are excellent. They stand around 12" tall in their well heeled boots.
Unlike some of the old timers here, these are relatively new.
( Barbies not included)