Catalogue Number 268

Here's one of the town's most popular saloons - The Silver Dollar.

One reason it's so popular is the liquor's cheaper than in the Golden Nugget.
The other reason's the girls are cheaper too!
Right now you can see some of the boys from the Circle T have just arrived to spend their pay. They get a mite high spirited on pay days.

Timpo Silver Dollar Saloon

The Timpo Wild West City Silver Dollar Saloon was produced from 1968 to 1972 and was approximately 1/32nd scale.
It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and 3 figures were included in the box.
This is a nicely detailed, two-storey building, with planked walls and roof.

Timpo Silver Dollar front

This kit was moulded in colour, but we chose to paint our assembled model for added realism, though we kept pretty much to the original colour scheme.
Whilst this is a very attractive model, it doesn't have an upper floor, so we constructed one using plastic card.
The two ground floor front windows are embossed on the inside with the word 'Saloon' making the lettering easy to paint.

Timpo Silver Dollar box and contents

This is what you get in the box. Glue was not required for assembly. Detail is crisp and nicely done. A Silver Dollar label was included to go on the signboard.

Timpo Silver Dollar Saloon side views

Here you can see the two sides of The Silver Dollar Saloon. The staircase is very detailed, consisting of separate treads, platform and rail, and requires assembly.
Unlike the Britain's Golden Nugget Saloon, there is no sign indicating what's on offer upstairs, so you can use your imagination.

Timpo silver Dollar back view

There is a back door, which can come in handy for hasty retreats during a gunfight.
Unlike many model wild west buildings of similar scale, this saloon has a modest number of windows, which greatly adds to the realism.
We enhanced our model by replacing the plastic stove pipe with copper tubing.

Timpo Silver Dollar Saloon Box

This is the first box produced for the Timpo Silver Dollar Saloon. The colourful artwork was replaced in 1970 with photos of the completed model.