Catalogue Number 266

This is the office of the U.S. Marshal.

Never seen the Marshal himself - he's got a desk job someplace. It's his deputies that do the work in places like this.
The sheriff looks after the town and we elected him. Leastways some folks here probably did.
The U.S. Marshal works for the government, and is only interested in the more notorious outlaws. 'Course he makes a lot of enemies, and some of them are a mite dangerous. These deputies know how to take care of themselves.
Right here you can see a Deputy U.S. Marshal gettin' the drop on a Mexican bandit. As usual the townsfolk like to be in on the action. If you don't like action, you ain't got no business livin' in Tabletop

Timpo Marshal's office

The Timpo Wild West City U.S. Marshal's Office was produced from 1968 to 1972. It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and 2 cowboy figures were included in the box.
The model is nicely detailed, with planking walls and roof. It has two opening doors, and there's a hitching rail on the boardwalk.

Timpo Marshals Office parts

Here's the contents of the box. Glue was not required for assembly. As you can see, the kit was molded in colour, but we've painted our assembled model.

Timpo Marshal's Office box

Here's the box for the Timpo Marshal's Office. The artist's impression is colourful and well detailed and brings the building to life. Assembly instructions are printed on the back of the box.
In 1970 the box artwork was replaced by a photograph of the assembled model and figures.

Timpo Marshal's Office

We've recreated the box art with our western figures. Most of them are Timpo second series, contempory with the building.
The captured Mexican is composed of Britains Swoppet parts. Also in the photos is the Britains Swoppet Gunfighter. The guy leaning against the Marshal's office is also a Swoppet, with swapped parts. The women are repainted Britains Aunt Sally figures, and there's a painted Airfix figure standing holding a rifle.