Catalogue Number 252

Timpo Livery Stable front

The Timpo Livery Stable has a door and a pair of double doors at the front and a door at the rear. Under the pitch of the roof there is an open hatch with a small platform. Above this there is a hoist witha separate hook. There is a drain-pipe on the side of the building.

Timpo Livery Stable side and back view

The Livery Stable was one of the largest buildings in Timpo's wild west range. It is roughly 13.5cm wide, 12cm deep and 14cm high. It was produced from 1970 to 1972 and was sold in the photo-style box.
This building was also boxed as a Farm Barn for the Timpo Farm series.

Timpo Livery Stable parts

The kit was molded in colour. Here is what was included in the box. Glue was not required for assembly. Detail is crisp and nicely done.

Timpo Livery Stable box

The Livery Stable model came with quite a few accessories:

Whilst the Livery Stable was a very welcome addition to Timpo's wild west range of buildings there are a couple of shortcomings. As with the Silver Dollar Saloon, there is no upper floor. Instead there is a very small platform beyond the open hatch. This is barely big enough for a figure to stand on. There is also a design problem with the large doors. One of the tabs for fitting in the front wall prevents the left door from opening very far.

Comparison of original version and later version of Timpo Livery Stable

In 1972, the Livery Stable was replaced by a much smaller version, in Timpo's new line-up of wild west buildings designed with economy in mind. This second series of buildings was sold pre-assembled and basically consisted of a small generic box shape which had different frontages glued on to represent different buildings.
Curiously, while Timpo were down-sizing and simplifying their wild west buildings they were very creatively expanding their range of wild west wagons and also introducing a range of large, well detailed wild west train sets. More on these later.