Catalogue Number 262

Here's the town jail. As you can see it's pretty solid looking.

Right now, the marshal and his deputies are showing a new "guest" to his room. The towns-folk are taking a keen interest. Not sure whether they want to lynch the guy or get his autograph. Some of the ladies here seem to kinda like outlaw types - though they'd never admit it.

Timpo Jail

The Timpo Wild West Jail was produced from 1968 to 1972. It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and 3 cowboy figures were included in the box. The model is nicely detailed, with 'stone' walls and a removable 'log' roof. The opening door can be barred with a plastic plank, to ensure that prisoners don't escape.

Timpo Jail bits

All this was included in the box - though figures probably varied. Glue was not required for assembly. Detail is crisp and nicely done.
As you can see, the kit was molded in colour and does not require painting.

Timpo Jail box

Here's a close-up of the original box. The boxes were changed in 1970 when photos of the actual contents replaced the artwork. The artwork is very good and its rather a shame that this idea was later dropped in favour of photographs. It's also a shame that Timpo's toy figure range wasn't more inspired by the artist. For one thing, Timpo wild west women are pretty scarce, except for a few seated figures for vehicles, and a red-indian squaw. The box artwork is imaginative and captures the flavour of a "Western".
The assembly instructions were printed on the back of the box.

Timpo Jail

The scenes we set up for this page were inspired by the box art. Let me introduce the figures.
Most are second series Timpo. The prisoner is a Britains Swoppet, with swopped parts (and we relieved him of his guns). The mounted figure in the foreground is also a Swoppet. The two ladies are Britains 'Aunt Sally' figures that we've repainted. The bearded guy with the black hat is a painted Airfix figure.