Catalogue Number 251

The Timpo Wild West Gunsmith's building was issued in 1970. This model came in a photo-style box. It was also boxed as a tractor shed in the Farm series.
Whilst a gunsmith's is a logical addition to the series of western town buildings, the building design is rather odd. In fact, it's quite likely that this was originally conceived as a tractor shed. The building is very small in comparison with the other wild west buildings, and could scarcely have room for anything but a small office inside. It is nicely detailed though, and has potential for possible other uses, such as a telegraph office or railroad ticket office.

Timpo Gunsmith's

The Gunsmith's is approximately 1/32nd scale. The base of the assembled building is 15.5cm x 10cm. The building itself is 6cm deep and 9.5cm high.

Timpo gunsmith's back and sides

The Timpo Gunsmith's was supplied as a clip together plastic kit. It came with one mounted and two standing cowboys. The model is nicely detailed, with planking walls and roof.

Timpo Gunsmith's parts

All this was included in the box. Parts are molded in colour. Glue was not required for assembly.

Timpo Gunsmith's box

Here's the photo-style box for the Timpo Gunsmith's. This box was produced from 1970 to 1972.