Catalogue Number 267

The Timpo Wild West Bunk House is basically the Marshal's Office with a different sign over the door and a different box.

If you want to build up a town, the Bunk House/Marshal's Office building is a good one to re-label for other uses. Detailing is nicely done and the building has two doors, one at the front and one on the left side.

Photo of Timpo bunk house front

The base of the assembled building is 14cm x 12cm including the boardwalk. The building itself is 8cm deep and 9.5cm high.
The model is nicely detailed, with planking walls and roof.

timpo bunk house views

The Timpo Bunk House was produced from 1968 to 1972. It is approximately 1:32nd scale. It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and 2 standing cowboy figures and a cactus were included in the box.

Timpo bunk house bits

All this was included in the box - though figures probably varied. Glue was not required for assembly.
As you can see, the kit was molded in colour.

Timpo bunk house box

Here's the photo-style box for the Timpo Bunkhouse. This box was produced from 1970 to 1972, replacing the earlier artwork box.