Catalogue Number 264

Here's one of Tabletop's banks; not the biggest, but it still attracts the visitors as well as the customers.

Right now a couple of visitors have just made a large withdrawal of funds, and are high-tailing it. The townsfolk tend to get a little riled up when this kind of thing happens, especially if they've got money in the bank.

Timpo Bank

The Timpo Wild West Bank was produced from 1968 to 1972. It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and 2 figures were included in the box.
The model is nicely detailed, with planking walls and roof. It has two opening doors, and there's a hitching rail on the boardwalk. A clear plastic window has the word 'BANK' embossed upon it.

Timpo Bank bits

All this was included in the box - though figures probably varied. In the later photo box issue, a cactus replaced one of the cowboys.
Glue was not required for assembly. Detail is crisp and nicely done. As you can see, the kit was molded in colour, but we've painted our assembled model.

Timpo Bank boxes

On the left is the box issued from 1968, and on the right the box which replaced it in 1970.
Both box types are attractive and colourful. The first type had evocative artwork, which capture the spirit of the wild west. The later box showed you the actual contents in a posed scene. Thankfully, no 'cute' children were included in the photos.

Timpo Bank back veiw

We painted our Timpo Bank and also picked out the lettering on the window in gold. We replaced the chimney with brass tube.
We set up our scenes for these photos using Timpo, Britains and Airfix figures.
The woman in the top photo is a repainted Britains Aunt Sally. The cowboy fanning his gun is a painted Airfix figure. There's a repainted Herald cowboy firing a rifle.
The other figures are Britains Swoppets, and Timpo second, third and fourth series figures.