We get a stage passing through Tabletop several times a week. The stage coaches can make maybe 40 miles a day - assuming there are no hold-ups. About every 15 miles or so along the route there are staging posts, where they change the horses and maybe let the passengers out for a spell. Here's a staging post about 16 miles north-west of the town - out in the middle of nowhere between Tabletop and Someplace Else.

Britains staging post

This model was produced by Britains in the 1960s and early 1970s. Although part of their wild west range, it also doubled as a farm building, and so had alternate signs and posters supplied with it. The staging post was sold in kit form, and is approximately 1:32 scale to compliment the Swoppet figures. It consists of many, highly detailed, plastic parts, including opening doors and a removable roof. A cardboard floor was provided, and cut-out furniture was printed on the box - probably the reason why few boxes seem to have survived.

The stage coach in the photo above was also made by Britains. The corral fencing is from Timpo's wild west range, as is the rider on the white horse. The other dude on horseback is a converted and painted Airfix figure.

Britains staging post front

We bought this model as a "played with" Farm Cottage and converted it into the staging post.
First we disassembled the model and removed the copious amounts of glue. After reassembling the model, we constructed the canopy 'awning' and its supports, and made the bench. We also added the sign board and posters, and a plastic floor.
The two figures sitting on the bench are passengers from the Britains stage coach, complete with their baggage. The well and barrel are painted reissue Marx accessories.

Britains stageing post - side

Here's a side view of the staging post, showing the nicely detailed stone wall and chimney.
We put acetate in the window frames, which adds greatly to the realism.
In the photo you can also see a converted Timpo bunkhouse, and a water trough produced by another manufacturer.

Britains staging post - back

This is the back of the staging post. The original Farm Cottage model had the board walk and flagged patio on the opposite sides, as you can see in the next photo.
The building is attractively detailed as part stone and part wooden construction.

Britains farm cottage

These are photos of the Britains Farm Cottage before we converted and painted it.