Wild West Hero

Welcome to Wild West Hero
This website is devoted to toys of the Wild West.

Our cast of hundreds consist mainly of plastic toys made by Britains and Timpo in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Take a trip to Tabletop with us and see our 1:32 scale town and meet some of it's denizens.
Here comes the train...

Timpo Prairie Rocket

This is the Prairie Rocket.

Hop aboard and we'll head out to Tabletop and meet some of the folks.
This fine locomotive was made by Timpo Toys in the 1970s. Like most of the toys here at Toy Hero, it's approximately 1:32 scale for figures 54mm tall. More on the Timpo trains later.

Wild West Town

We've arrived! This is Tabletop - our Wild West town.

Over there is the bank, and it looks like someone's making a withdrawal.

Don't pay no mind to all the shootin'. It happens all the time. The bank keeps putting up 'Wanted for Bank Robbery' posters. I guess folks keep applying for the job...
Further up the main street you can see the Golden Nugget Saloon. A nice place to get a beer and maybe join a game of poker. Then there's the Sheriff's Office. We'll meet the Sheriff later, right now I expect he's going to be kinda busy.
These buildings were all made by Britains and are plastic kits. They were first sold in the 1960s and were re-issued in the 1990s. The re-issues suffered from very poor artwork on the labels. For our Bank and Saloon we've created labels that are more like the originals.
Okay, let's just move on down the street a little. Try not to attract attention.

Britain's Bank

As we walk past the First National Stock Bank you can see the two guys making the 'withdrawal'.

The guy in the 'duster' coat came in the same box as the bank. The guy on the right is also a Britains figure but from an earlier period.
The figures tended to be very badly painted in later years - so we've repainted them all. Maybe that impairs their 'investment' value, but it sure makes them look a lot better.
If we hurry on a little, we'll get out of the line of fire.

Britains Saloon

Here's the Golden Nugget Saloon.

A nice place. Apparently bored with their poker game, a couple of customers have decided to try for a reward instead. The dude with the rifle is Airfix, the other one is Britains.
More about the figures later.

Britains Sheriff's Office

This is the Sheriff's Office.

The guy on the right is, as his star suggests, the sheriff. Looks like he's about to wake up his sleeping Mexican deputy.
The building and figures were made by Britains.

We'd like you to see more of our wild west town Most of the buildings were made by Timpo and Britains in the 1960s. They are all roughly 1/32nd scale and made of plastic.
Sometimes we gets the US Cavalry soldiers coming into town for supplies and other things they figure they need. Mostly they ride in from the nearest fort. That's Fort Worth, out on the plains.
There's also an Outpost out there. Go take a look see.
As you explore the town I bet you almost expect to meet Wyatt Earp or maybe Billy the Kid. Let's take a look...

Now while I'm a showing you around Tabletop, I should also tell you somethin' about another town, not far from here, maybe a day's ride. It's Someplace Else.
For now though, just take a read of this here newspaper story about some bank raid that happened there not long ago.

Here's what happened when two rival gangs went looking for stashed loot in a ghost town.