Konami Gerry Anderson UFO Toys

A stunning range of small, highly detailed plastic models that are supplied ready assembled and painted.

In the first decade of this century, Konami produced a superb range of small but very accurate fully finished replicas of the UFO tv series craft.
The size of these models ranges from three to four inches in length. Each model has a display stand.
These Konami models were sold as 'Candy Toys'. Don't be mislead though, these are not at all like breakfast cereal giveaways, as you can see from our photos. The 'candy' seemed incidental as it was in a very tiny packet.
Some models do require a little assembly. but Generally speaking no glue is required as the parts fit very well.
All painting and lettering is finished and the items can be displayed as soon as you get them out of the packet.
What you see here is exactly what you get.
These models were made exclusively for the Japanese market.

Konami released 7 UFO models in 2002.

  • Skydiver
  • Sky 1
  • Mobile
  • UFO
  • Moon Module/Carrier
  • Interceptor
  • Lt. Gay Ellis in jumpsuit uniform

In 2003 Konami released a model of the Space Intruder Detector (SID). That was in a twin pack with either a Fireball XL5 or an Eagle spaceship.
In 2004 Konami reissued the six original UFO vehicles, together with a new Lt. Ellis figure. This time Ellis is wearing her off-duty miniskirt outfit.
All of the Konami models exhibit an amazing level of detail that puts to shame many larger kits and toys. If only all Gerry Anderson related toys and models were of this high quality.
These 'toys' are fantastic re-creations of the studio models - in miniature.

konami ufo

Konami UFO

This is the Konami UFO model. It is a very accurate model and all you need to put together is the display stand.
The assembly with the vanes can be rotated. Very impressive.

konami Moon module and carrier

Konami Moon Module and Carrier

Carrier Length 3" Wingspan 3.25"
Moon Module Length 2"
Our favourite Konami UFO series model. The Moon Module is detachable from its carrier aircraft.

konami sky 1

Konami Sky 1

Length 3.25" Wingspan 2.75"
A very nice model. Lots of tiny labels 'Danger', 'Exhaust' etc. There's even a pilot in the cockpit.

konami mobile

Konami SHADO Mobile

Length 2.75"
A great little replica. The wheels and tracks look like they would move. There's a two man crew in the cab.

konami interceptor

Konami Interceptor

Length 4"
A highly detailed miniature Interceptor, complete with pilot figure.
The missile is detachable.

konami skydiver

Konami Skydiver

Skydiver Length 4.25"
Sky 1 Length 1.5"
Complete with tiny detachable Sky 1 aircraft.

konami s.i.d

Konami Space Intruder Detector (S.I.D.)

An impressive model of SID.
Lots of bits to plug in but no glue is necessary.
This model was sold in twin packs with either a Fireball XL5 or a Space 1999 Eagle rescue ship.

konami Gay Ellis original version

Konami Lieutenant Gay Ellis

This was the 'chase' model. Not so many of these figures were supplied in the random assortments in the first UFO releases as the other models, and so the figure was more difficult to find or was quite expensive to buy off re-sellers.
At 4.75" tall this uniformed figure is larger than the later release of Gay in her off-duty attire.

Konami Gay Ellis

Konami Lieutenant Gay Ellis

This figure is approximately 4" tall. Lt. Ellis is wearing her off-duty version of her Moonbase outfit. A very nicely detailed figure.