UFO Image Gallery

Based on Gerry Anderson's UFO TV Series

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Interceptor and UFO


This is what SHADO is all about - stopping UFOs getting to Earth.
Here we see a Bandai Interceptor model streaking through a Bryce starfield to intercept a Truespace UFO, which is on its way to a NASA image of Earth.

Imai Sky 1

Sky 1 Intercepts A UFO

Sky 1 has located a UFO entering Earth's atmosphere and attempts to destroy it before it can do any harm.
This Sky 1 is an Imai kit.

Our 3d computer model of a UFo, landed in snow

U.F.O. - Computer Model

A U.F.O. has landed in Switzerland. Doubtless the alien pilot is anxious to try a bit of skiing before returning home.
I made this computer model in Truespace 2.

Imai shadow mobile in the snow

A SHADO Mobile

A Mobile is out in the snow looking for the landed U.F.O. Looks like more snow on the way.
This model is an Imai plastic kit.

UFO Sunset

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's unidentified...

When you're taking your holiday snaps you never know what might turn up in your pictures.
Our Truespace model in flying mode.

Lunar module and lunar carrier, resin & white metal kits

From the Earth to the Moon

Here's a Lunar Module being ferried up into the upper atmosphere prior to its trip to the Moon.
These are resin and white metal models.

Lunar Carrier

Above the Clouds

The Lunar Module and its carrier aircraft.
An elegant way to launch space craft.

Our computer model of  Moonbase


This is Earth's first line of defence against UFOs.
Five spheres connected by corridors to a central hub. Each sphere has a specific purpose: Control, Reactor, Reception, Recreation and Sleep. In the centre is 'Central Park' which contains exotic plants from Earth - both a park and a source of additional oxygen for the base.
I constructed the model in Truespace.

Our computer model of Moonbase

Moonbase - another angle

Each sphere resembles an igloo. The spheres are protected by individual sprung panels to resist possible damage from meteors. Personnel arrive and depart in lunar modules which land on the gantry built on top of the reception sphere.
Well, thirty years ago, NASA was supposed to be going to do all this kind of thing. Nothing happened though. Gerry Anderson didn't get it wrong - it's just NASA couldn't put their astronauts where their mouth was.

Moonbase model close up of sphere

Moonbase By Earthlight

A close up of one of the Moonbase spheres.
Here's a question for you - would there be such a thing as an 'Earthrise' seen from the Moon's surface? In the UFO annual one of the stories has Straker telling Foster to watch an Earthrise. I suspect there could be no such thing since the Moon keeps the same face turned to the Earth. It might wobble about a bit but otherwise I think the Earth would be 'fixed' in the sky as it went through Moon-like phases.

Moonbase and UFO

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Several times in the original series SHADO came close to making non-violent contact with the Aliens. Perhaps at some later point a meeting took place...

Our Moonbase at night

Moonbase at Night

On the Moon nights are long - but Moonbase never sleeps.

UFO glowing

UFO About To Explode!

When SHADO operatives get too close for comfort, the UFOs self-destruct to avoid capture.
They obviously don't want to risk Earth gaining UFO technology and paying THEM a visit.
Once they start to glow, it's a good idea to be somewhere else - fast.


Interceptors - Immediate Launch!

A flight of three SHADO Interceptor craft are out to head the UFOs off at the pass.


Intercept Course

Moonbase relays intercept information to the Interceptor's on-board computers as they head out into space.
Each Interceptor has only one missile - one chance of a hit.
We presume that the UFOs travel much faster than the Interceptors and so one shot as they come by is the best that can be achieved. The size of the missile indicates that the one shot is a mighty big one.