The Timpo Wild West Ranch House was issued in 1968. It has one door, three windows and six shutters. It's very 'loggy'. Not one of the more colourful Timpo buildings. Great for those out of town games and dioramas. It can be a house on a big ranch or the lonely shack where the outlaws hold out against the forces of the law.

This is a nicely made model. The one drawback is that the shutters tend to fall off, which can be a little inconvenient during an Indian attack.

Timpo ranch house

The Timpo Ranch House, catalogue number 269, is approximately 1/32nd scale. The base of the assembled building is 20cm x 15cm including the boardwalk. The building itself is 11cm deep and 11cm high.

Timpo ranch house views

It was supplied as a clip together plastic kit and one mounted cowboy and 3 standing cowboy figures were included in the box.

Timpo Ranch house bits

All this was included in the box - though figures probably varied. Glue was not required for assembly. Detail is crisp and nicely done.
As you can see, the kit was molded in colour.

Timpo Ranch House box

Here's the artwork box for the Timpo Ranch House. This box was produced from 1968 to 1970, when it was replaced with a photo-style box.

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