Timpo Wild West Fort, catalogue number 259. This huge plastic Timpo Wild West Fort was issued in 1970. The large box features an impressive photo of the assembled Fort with the included figures and accessories.

timpo fort box

The Fort was sold in kit form and required clip together assembly. Once completed the Fort is a superb model, measuring approximately 31" x 26". The Fort has 4 corner towers, opening gates and the walls are lined with catwalks accessed by numerous ladders. Inside the fort are a Ranch House and armoury (the Jail building). Also included in this set were ten cavalry figures.

Timpo Wild West fort box contents

The Fort takes a long time to assemble due to the very large number of clip together parts:
17 log wall sections, 5 at the rear, 4 on each side and four at the front, plus a gate section.
4 3-piece corner towers.
18 catwalks.
53 support struts for the catwalks.
8 longer support struts for the tower platforms.
16 ladders to access the catwalks and towers.
2 gates.
1 locking bar to keep the gates closed.
4 support brackets for locking bar.
2 steer skulls above the gates.
1 Flagpole to plug into the gateway catwalk.
A paper flag and 'Fort Worth' label.
Also included:
An un-boxed and unassembled 1st series Ranch House.
An un-boxed and unassembled 1st series Jail.
U.S Cavalry figures: 2 mounted and 8 standing.
3 cacti.
A cardboard play sheet.

Photo showing the different types of connectors for fort sections

This version of the Fort underwent several changes over the years. Two different types of connectors for the wall sections were tried. First small tabs and then a fragile hook system.

The Fort was eventually down-sized in 1972 by leaving out 4 of the wall sections. this made it a narrow 5 x 2 shape.
The buildings were replaced with two small pre-assembled ones from the 2nd series, the Jail and Livery stable. Artwork was used on the box instead of a photograph.

Later, around 1974, there was a further change in the method of attaching the walls. This time, a bar and pin system was used.

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