This is how our town began. Five wild west buildings on a printed cardboard play-sheet. This was the Timpo Wild West City, catalogue number 260.

I bought this set in the mid-70s. The pre-coloured plastic buildings were supplied in kit form. Since each building included cowboy figures, the town's population was off to a good start.

Timpo Wild West City

The following buildings were included in the set: Silver Dollar Saloon, Bank, Marshal's Office, Stage Coach Station, and Jail. Also included were a large quantity of cacti. We've painted the buildings from time to time over the years.

This set was first released in 1968 in an artwork box. In 1970 the photo-style boxes were introduced. In 1972 the set was replaced with much smaller and less detailed buildings. Since these later buildings were seriously under-sized we don't use them in our town.

Timpo Wild West City images

We expanded our collection with the other buildings from the Timpo wild west series. These were a Ranch House, Bunk House, Livery Stable and Gunsmith's.

Click on the links below to see more about the buildings.

Silver Dollar Saloon Timpo Silver Dollar Saloon Timpo Bank Timpo Bank Timpo Jail Timpo Jail
Timpo Marshal's Office Timpo U.S. Marshal's Office Timpo Stage Coach Station Timpo Stage Coach Station Timpo Gunsmith's Timpo Gunsmith's
Timpo Livery Stable Timpo Livery Stable Timpo Ranch House Timpo Ranch House Timpo Bunk House Timpo Bunk House

Britains introduced their excellent range of wild west buildings in the mid 1960s. These were the Golden Nugget Saloon, Livery Stable, Sheriff's Office, Staging Post and Bank. Whilst the Timpo buildings are very good, these Britains models were larger and take detail to a higher level. Like the Timpo buildings, these models were supplied in kit form. Britains re-issued the Bank, Saloon and Sheriff's Office for a short time in the mid 1990s.

Britains Livery Stable Britains Livery Stable Britains Staging Post Britains Staging Post
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