The Space City Thunderbirds Gallery

Pauline and I created these pictures using our models, toys and computer graphics.
Click on a picture to see a larger version.

tb1 in flight

Thunderbird 1 as a computer model

International Rescue's fast response scout aircraft, piloted by Scott Tracy.
I made this model using Cinema 4D. This model has folding wings and optional landing gear.

tb1 views

Thunderbird 1 Elevations

Various veiws of our CGI model of Thunderbird 1.

tb1 at the danger zone

Thunderbird 1 At The Danger Zone

Here's our computer model of TB1 about to land at a safe distance from a rescue operation.
Scott will set up his Mobile Control console and wait for Virgil to arrive with Thunderbird 2 and the rescue equipment.


Thunderbird 5 as a computer model

International Rescue's space station. The 'ears' of the organisation. Here distress calls are picked up - and if Thunderbirds are needed, John Tracy answers the call.
I made this computer model in Truespace 2.


TB5 seen from below

Although similar to the Companion space station in the Fireball XL5 series, this model had far more detail.
With computer models you don't have to worry about display cabinets or even display stands. Also - you can build very fragile looking models without worrying about breaking them.


The Dark Side of TB5

Another advantage of computer models is the way you can light them. No struggling with fibre optics, wires and light bulbs here.


Keeping an eye on the world.

Who ya gonna call?

TB3 and TB5

Thunderbird 3 On Final Approach

International Rescue's spaceship - Thunderbird Three.
Piloted by Alan Tracy, the ship prepares to dock with the spacestation.
This is our Truespace model of Thunderbird 3 - freshly painted - hope Alan doesn't scratch the sides!

TB3 docked with TB5

Docking Complete

Now the two craft are locked together and people and cargo can be transferred.

TB3 docked with TB5

Look! No strings!

Here's a view you don't see on television - the strings would get in the way...

Thunderbird 3 with smoke

Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is a cool looking spaceship. It's a pity it was not put to more use in the series.

Thunderbird 1 with smoke

Thunderbird 1 Above The Clouds

After blasting off like a rocket from Tracy Island, Thunderbird 1 soars through the clouds on a mercy mission.

Thunderbird 3 Schematic

Thunderbird 3 Profiles

Various views of our CGI Thunderbird 3 model.

Thunderbird 3 Leaving Earth

Thunderbird 3 Leaving Earth

Our CGI Thunderbird 3 - All systems go!

Thunderbird 3 Returning to Earth

Homeward Bound

Thunderbird 3 returning to Earth after another successful rescue.