Here are some of our 3d computer model Thunderbirds. You can see more pictures in the Thunderbirds Gallery. Our main tools were Cinema 4D, Truespace and Bryce.

3D Thunderbird 5

Thunderbird 5 as a 3d computer model.

I created this version in Truespace and rendered it in Bryce 3D.
The first of my Thunderbird models.

3d Thunderbird 3

Our Thunderbird 3 computer model

I created this model in Truespace and rendered it in Bryce 5. It's the second of my 3D Thunderbird models.

3d Thunderbird 1

Computer Model of Thunderbird 1.

Our third Thunderbirds 3D computer model. This is International Rescue's scout aircraft.
It travels to the scene where a rescue is needed in order to assess the situation and liaise between people at the danger zone and IR's HQ at Tracy Island.
I constructed this model in Cinema 4D XL, and rendered it in Bryce 5.