Product Enterprise Supercar Model

Product Enterprise released this diecast model of Supercar in 2005. It is a metal and plastic model measuring 8 inches long and 4.5 inches wide with wings extended.
The model is supplied with a display stand, and is attractively packaged.
Supercar is fully assembled and painted - the rear wire antenna simply plugs in.


Product Enterprise Supercar

Here's the model straight out of the box.
As you can see there are several fragile antenna, and the model should be handled with care.
The wings are plastic and can be slid in and out. It's a shame they don't retract as fully as they should.

Supercar side

Supercar - Side View

The model has a nice figure of Mike Mercury at the controls. Proportions of the pilot to Supercar closely match what we see in the TV show.
The model fits snugly to its stand, which displays Supercar in flight. Sadly, the stand is not weighted, which makes the model rather unstable and prone to potentially damaging nose-dives.
Inexplicably, the canopy has no sides, which is probably inconvenient for those underwater and high altitude missions!

Supercar top

Supercar - Top View

The model is very well finished and includes lots of chrome trim, as befits this classy automobile.
The interior is well detailed as you can see from this photo.

Supercar underside

Supercar - Underside

The underside of the model is nicely detailed, complete with chrome trim and 'Supercar" lettering.
A nice touch is that a small removeable plug is provided to fill the hole for the stand when it is not being used.

Supercar rear

Supercar - Rear View

This photo shows how wonderfully detailed this model is - it's a very faithfull replica of Gerry Anderson's Supercar.

Aoshima box front and back

Aoshima Supercar

This is Aoshima's Japanese release of the model with it's very attractive photo box.
The Product Enterprise packaging is a window box with comic style artwork, but the models are identical.

This is an excellent model of Supercar from Product Enterprise.
The quality is very high though the plastic fins and wings let it down a little. The paint work is superb, and the model looks great from any angle, just as the "real" Supercar does.
It's a pity that the canopy is missing its side panels though.
This model is very accurate and should please even the most critical Supercar fan.