Konami Supercar Model

Here are some photographs of the Konami 'Candy Toy' model of Supercar, which was produced in March 2003.
It's an amazing little model measuring only 3.75" long but packed with detail.
This is one of the best Supercar models we've seen. It's made of plastic, possibly ABS, and is already fully painted. A few parts have to be attached, but no glue is required.
The Konami Supercar was made for the Japanese market and sold as a 'trading toy' just like trading cards. This model is from a series of seven Gerry Anderson vehicles and was a 'rare' 'chase' item. All boxes in the series were identical so customers bought them without knowing the contents.
Although these models are described as 'Candy Toys' as there is a small packet of 'candy' in with each model, they should not be confused with 'free' promotional models, like those you used to get in breakfast cereals. The quality of Konami Candy Toys is far superior than that of most Gerry Anderson toys.


Konami Supercar

This is what you get - it's all pre-painted. You just attach the rear fins and two antenna.

Supercar side

Supercar Side View

Great detail - including Mike Mercury at the controls.

Supercar underside

Supercar - Underside View

Unlike the Johnny Lightning toy, this Supercar has a detailed underside.

Supercar - top

Supercar - Top View

This is a very accurate looking model.