Stingray is a top of the range submarine in the service of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), in the year 2065.
Stingray is crewed by Captain Troy Tempest and Lieutenant 'Phones' Sheridan.

One of the most interesting things about the Stingray series was the relationships between the characters. Troy Tempest was, on the face of it, Atlanta Shore's boyfriend. Atlanta was the daughter of Commander Shore - Troy's boss.
However, Troy rescued a beautiful aquatic girl, Marina, a slave of the mighty Titan. Titan is a powerful undersea ruler who doesn't like 'Terrainians' much - we're the Terrainians by the way.
Troy soon discovered that Marina couldn't speak, but managed to form a close friendship with the girl, getting her a job as part of the Stingray crew. Whilst Atlanta seems somewhat suspicious of this arrangement she puts up with it. Phones sometimes has to give his C.O. an alibi when things get too fishy.
Of course this Gerry Anderson TV series had all the usual action/adventure and special effects and some superb underwater craft. Amazing what they could pack into half an hour of TV.
On these pages, we'll be showing you some of the Stingray toys and models that we think are the best. There haven't been many quality toys and models based on the Stingray TV series, compared with Thunderbirds, and other later Anderson shows. We've added to our Stingray collection by constructing our own computer models.

Stingray Dawn


Here is our computer model of Stingray - the WASP's supersub.

Stingray surfaced in calm waters

Stingray On Patrol

Our computer model of Stingray on the surface of a calm sea.

3d Marineville Control tower

Marineville - Stingray's Base

From the Control Tower Commander Shore directs WASP operations.
I made this model of the Control Tower in Truespace and Bryce 3D.

3d apartments

Marineville Apartment Blocks

These are the WASP personnel living quarters.
These buildings are situated on either side of the Control Tower.

3D Marineville

Marineville - Standing By For Action!

The WASP are a tough organisation doing a tough job. These are just the missiles for getting that job done - hydromic missiles. Stored in underground silos they are always ready to be deployed against undersea threats.
We hope you like our version of this classic Marineville pose.

Matchbox Stingray figures


From left to right: Titan, 'Phones', Marina, Commander Shore, Troy Tempest.
These are the Matchbox action figures that were produced in the 1990s. Some of the likenesses are pretty good. The clothes are nicely done too. Such a pity about the obvious leg joints. These could have been really nice figures. Still, Marina and Shore don't have the joint problem and the others could be fixed with a bit of Milliput and repainting.

Terror Fish on launcher


This is a 'Terror Fish' - a deadly submarine disguised as a fish. These craft are crewed by Titan's Aquaphibian minions, and pose a considerable threat.
This Terror Fish and its launcher are resin kits produced by Warp. The 'Fish' has a posable jaw to simulate attack mode - these submarines launch torpedoes from their mouths.
The launcher has some white metal parts and can be raised and lowered.

X20's Submarine

Surface Agent X2zero's Submarine

X2zero is Titan's surface agent. He is a constant thorn in the WASP's side. Luckily, he is not very competent at his job - at least not as far as Titan is concerned. But, it must be understood that Titan does tend to expect rather a lot from his agents, so it's a bit of a tough job.
Anyway, this is X2zero's sub. The sub is just as fishy as it's owner.
This is a resin model produced by Warp. A very nice kit. It had almost no excess resin and no bubble holes that needed filling. It also came complete with a nice diorama ocean floor base, also of resin, and a considerable amount of coloured 'vegetation'. Dorsal and ventral fins were resin and just needed superglueing to the main body. The markings on this craft are supposed to be wavy and 'natural' looking to mimic the appearance of a fish. No decals were supplied. We drew the 'eyes' on computer and printed them on a gummed label and cut them out. All that was needed then was a bit of brass tubing to act as a support connecting the model to it's base.

Matchbox Stingray


Here's a large Matchbox Stingray from the 1990s. Overall it's a nice model. It suffers from 'action figure syndrome' in that it's designed to have one of the figures crammed into the drastically out of scale 'cockpit'. Luckily, this doesn't mar the external appearance of the craft. It has twin firing sting missiles and ski undercarriage. This is a fun toy.

Matchbox Terror Fish


A three inch long Matchbox toy released in the 1990s. Very well detailed with a hinged lower jaw.

Small Matchbox Stingray


A four inch long Matchbox toy. This is the companion model to the Terror Fish. These two toys came as a boxed set. For some reason Matchbox only put the Stingray lettering on one side, otherwise this is a very nice little model.

Vivid Imaginations Stingray


This is Vivid Imaginations 9 inch long Stingray toy.
This seems to be a scaled down version of the larger Matchbox Stingray.
Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see our review.

Hot Wheels Stingray

Hot Wheels Stingray

Here's a nice little Stingray model - about 2 inches in length. This is a 'Charawheels' Stingray made for the Japanese market. Don't worry, despite the 'Hot Wheels' and 'Charawheels' logos on the packaging, the model does not have wheels. It's very nicely detailed and doesn't suffer from gimmicks.

Product Enterprise diecast Stingray

Product Enterprise Stingray

This 9.5 inch long diecast metal and plastic model was released in 2005. A nice model, with retractable landing skids.