3D Computer Models

Stingray Dawn


Here is our computer model of Stingray - the WASP's supersub.

Stingray surfaced in calm waters

Stingray On Patrol

Our computer model of Stingray on the surface of a calm sea.

3d Marineville Control tower

Marineville - Stingray's Base

From the Control Tower Commander Shore directs WASP operations.
I made this model of the Control Tower in Truespace and Bryce 3D.

3d apartments

Marineville Apartment Blocks

These are the WASP personnel living quarters.
These buildings are situated on either side of the Control Tower.

3D Marineville

Marineville - Standing By For Action!

The WASP are a tough organisation doing a tough job. These are just the missiles for getting that job done - hydromic missiles. Stored in underground silos they are always ready to be deployed against undersea threats.
We hope you like our version of this classic Marineville pose.