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Stingray is a top of the range submarine in the service of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), in the year 2065.

Stingray is probably one of the best looking craft from the numerous Gerry Anderson tv shows. A very attractive aquatic design. The sub is based at the WASP's headquarters, Marineville, when it is not on patrol. Stingray is armed with deadly 'Sting-missile' torpedoes and is capable of fantastic speeds above and below the surface.

Stingray is crewed by Captain Troy Tempest and Lieutenant 'Phones' Sheridan.
One of the most interesting things about the Stingray series was the relationships between the characters. Troy Tempest was, on the face of it, Atlanta Shore's boyfriend. Atlanta was the daughter of Commander Shore - Troy's boss.
However, Troy rescued a beautiful aquatic girl, Marina, a slave of the mighty Titan. Titan is a powerful undersea ruler who doesn't like 'Terrainians' much - we're the Terrainians by the way.
Troy soon discovered that Marina couldn't speak, but managed to form a close friendship with the girl, getting her a job as part of the Stingray crew. Whilst Atlanta seems somewhat suspicious of this arrangement she puts up with it. Phones sometimes has to give his C.O. an alibi when things get too fishy.
Of course this Gerry Anderson TV series had all the usual action/adventure and special effects and some superb underwater craft. Amazing what they could pack into half an hour of TV.

On these pages, we'll be showing you some of the Stingray toys and models that we think are the best.

There haven't been many quality toys and models based on the Stingray TV series, compared with Thunderbirds, and other later Anderson shows. We've added to our Stingray collection by constructing our own computer models.