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The Return Of Space City

We Are Back!, Jun 12, 2020
Thunderbird One at Space City

It's been a while. Now for more reviews and photos of Gerry Anderson related toys and models.
Some of you will know sfdaydreams and Space City have been on the web since the late twentieth century. Due to some of life's little setbacks we had to take a little break. Now we are back and we have a lot of catching up to do.
On this Space City site we cover toys and models based on the original Gerry Anderson tv shows from the 60s and 70s. Whilst there have been re-imagined versions over the years we'll stick with the originals here.
We are covering the toys and models based on our favourite Anderson shows. We also take a look at other spin-off merchandise such as annuals.
We will be frequently adding reviews of toys and models that have been produced over the years, concentrating on the most accurate looking examples.

Updating The City

Adding pages to our website, May 12, 2020
Space City Logo

We are rebuilding our website and also adding new sections on Gerry Anderson tv shows that we did not feature before.
New to this site are pages on models from Space 1999 and Supercar.

About Us

We are big fans of the Gerry Anderson shows and also like to collect toys and build models.
We are running this website as a hobby and do not generally have any toys or models for sale. We cover toys and models from the early 60s to current day. This is not a comprehensive look at every single Anderson toy, just our favourites.

Other Views

Junior and jetmobiles Interceptor and UFO tb1 at the danger zone SPV

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