Product Enterprise Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

Product Enterprise produced this excellent diecast model of a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter in March 2004.

This superb model is twelve inches long and is made of metal with plastic parts.
I think the only close competitor to this model is the Konami model, also reviewed here. This diecast is a good deal bigger though. Detail is amazing as I hope you'll see from the photographs of our model. The central module is detachable via a couple of spring clips located on the underside. To say this Eagle model is impressive would be an understatement. No gimmicks and definitely not a 'toy' in the sense it looks very fragile - and most probably is.
These are not copies of the 1970's diecast Dinky Toys. Those were about nine inches long and not at all accurate - though they were pretty rugged and made excellent toys.
The model is pre-painted and requires no assembly.
The box is tough and attractively designed. The model can easily be returned to the box for storage. It is held in a moulded clear plastic tray. Also included is a wrap around card depiction of Moonbase Alpha.

eagle transporter approaching

Product Enterprise Eagle Transporter Approaching

This is the model as supplied.
It's ready assembled and pre-painted. Ready to 'fly'.

eagle transporter from above

Another space shot of the Eagle

Very impressive detail..

Product Enterprise eagle transporter

Front/side View

The cardboard display background is included in the packaging.

eagle transporter with pod detatched

Eagle Transporter and Pod

Here's a photo of the Eagle with the central module detached.

eagle transporter underside

Eagle Transporter - Underside

Just as detailed underneath.

eagle transporter showing rear detail

Eagle Transporter Aft View

A very nicely detailed engine array.