Konami Space 1999 Models

Here are some photographs of the Konami 'Candy Toy' models of three spacecraft from Space 1999: The Eagle, Hawk and Rescue Eagle. These were issued in 2003.

The Eagle Transporter is the workhorse of Alpha Moonbase. It carries a central module, rather like Thunderbird 2. The module can be left on the Moon's surface as a temporary base. The Konami model of the Eagle has a detachable centre module.
The Hawk is a fighter craft. The Hawk only appeared in one episode, where it was deployed by hostile aliens. The story was that this was an Earth design.
These are nice looking craft - and Konami have made excellent tiny replicas. They are between three and four inches in length. Models are prepainted as you see them here.


Konami Eagle Transporter

This is what you get - it's all pre-painted. You just attach the 'feet', no glue required.
Display base included.


Konami Hawk Spaceship

No additional parts for this model.
This model has a display stand to show the Hawk in flight.


Another Shot of the Eagle

The four feet simply plug into the model. The central module is a good fit and stays firmly in place.

Rescue Eagle

Konami Rescue Eagle

A variant of the Eagle transporter.
This model was twin-packed with a model of UFO's S.I.D.