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eagle transporter approaching
Space 1999

Space 1999 was a live action tv series produced by Gerry Anderson in the early 1970s.
Basically, after a huge nuclear explosion, the Moon goes flying out of orbit and takes the hapless crew of Moonbase Alpha on a trek around the Galaxy, stopping off at planets for stories and then moving on again at apparently faster than light speeds, with no means of propulsion or navigation. This is not a typical Gerry Anderson show, I hasten to add.
Despite the strange series premise, the models and special effects were very good. The Eagle Transporter was the standard spacecraft used by the Alphans. I recall quite a few of them getting blown to bits every week. They must have had a large supply of ships and crews.
On these pages we'll show you some of the models and toys from this tv series. There isn't much variety in spacecraft designs here as one Eagle Transporter looks much the same as another, just with different cargo pods. Great for the manufacturers but a bit limited in imagination. Though I daresay the concept does make sense.