The Space City Fireball XL5 Gallery

Here are a selection of Fireball XL5 images that we've created. You can click on the pictures to see larger versions.
All models and artwork created by Pauline & Robin Day using Cinema 4D, Truespace, and Bryce 5.

Fireball XL5

Various views of our cgi model of Fireball XL5

Fireball XL5 on launch rail

Fireball XL5 - Ready For Launch

Fireball XL5 at Space City, ready to launch into space.

Fireball XL5 and space station

Fireball XL5 And Space Station

Fireball XL5 approaches a 'Companion' space station.
These aptly named space stations provide ships with fuel and other necessary supplies.


Robert On The Rampage

Robert, Fireball XL5's robot co-pilot can be formidable. He has no problems using a raygun if ordered to do so.

Fireball XL5 firing missile

Fireball XL5 Fires A Missile

If it comes to a fight, Fireball XL5 is well armed. Here you can see an interceptor being launched from its starboard missile rack.

Junior over alien sea

Fireball Junior Over An Alien Sea

Fireball Junior flying low over an alien sea as Steve Zodiac explores.

Fireball Junior landing

Fireball Junior Landing

Colonel Zodiac brings Junior down to land on the rocky surface of a far off world.

Junior and jetmobiles

Steve And Venus Explore

Flying bikes called 'Jetmobiles' are used by the XL5 crew to get around.
Here we see Steve and Venus leaving Fireball Junior.

Tanker over alien sea

A Space Tanker Flying Low Over An Alien Sea

A tanker is flying low as it heads for a fuel refinery on an alien world.

Fireball over beachhouse

Fireball XL5 Over Beach House

Fireball XL5 passes over Atello Beach on Space City Island in the Pacific.
The beach house seen here is the beautiful home of the equally beautiful Doctor Venus.

Fireball XL5 landing at Space City

Fireball XL5 Landing At Space City

The end of another patrol of Sector 25 and Steve Zodiac lands Fireball XL5 at Space City.

Venus's house, Steve's car, dawn...

Venus's Beach House

Venus's beach house, Steve's car, dawn...