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Fireball XL5 Banner
Fireball XL5 in space

Welcome to the Fireball XL5 section of Space City.
Here you'll find lots of original images featuring Fireball XL5 and other craft; and of course, Space City itself.
Fireball XL5 was a Gerry Anderson television show produced in 1963. It featured the sleek red and silver spaceship of the World Space Patrol. Fireball XL5 is piloted by Colonel Steve Zodiac. Other crew-members are: Doctor Venus, Professor Matthew Matic and Robert the robot.

Although puppets were used to depict the characters, this show was extraordinary in its quality. The opening scenes at the start of each episode are superb. Fireball XL5 launched along a mile long rail at Space City and streaking through the atmosphere and up into space.
Bearing in mind that this series was launched around 1962, long before Star Trek and Star Wars - its special effects were truly ground breaking at the time, and paved the way for a succession of further sci-fi shows by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

On these pages we'll show you some of the toys and models based on this tv series.
In our Fireball XL5 Gallery you'll find lots of images that we've created using computer graphics. The original show was in black and white so it's been very rewarding depicting our Fireball XL5 scenes in full colour.

Being great fans of Fireball Xl5, Pauline and I decided to construct XL5's base, the ship itself, and anything else from the series that we could create using 3d graphics.