Vivid Imaginations Captain Scarlet Toys

Vivid Imaginations produced a range of Captain Scarlet toys in the 1990s.
These are our favourites: Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV), Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC), Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ), Cloudbase and a Captain Scarlet 12" Doll.

All of the above toys are diecast metal except for Cloudbase and the Captain Scarlet doll, which are plastic.
No two toys appear to be made to the same scale. These toys were obviously made for the marketing and accounts departments rather than for children to play with. Scale aside though, they are very nice models.

Vivid Imaginations SPV

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) by Vivid Imaginations

Possibly the best model in the Vivid Imaginations Captain Scarlet toy range. A faithful reproduction of the earlier Dinky toy in a smaller scale. Nought out of ten for originality of toy design, but very nicely finished.

Two Vivid Imaginations Angel Interceptors

Angel Interceptor - Vivid Imaginations

A nice little model. The only problem with this toy is that it's far too big to land on the Vivid Imaginations Cloudbase toy.

Three Vivid Imaginations Interceptors

Angel Interceptor - Different Views

Here you can see the Angel Interceptor from several angles.
As with the otherCaptain Scarlet toys in this range they were very nicely finished.

Vivid Imaginations SPC

Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC) - Vivid Imaginations

This toy is much smaller than it's Dinky counterpart - but is very cute nonetheless. It has an opening rear hatch.

Captain Scarlet Doll

Captain Scarlet 12" Doll - Vivid Imaginations

Here's the star of the show: Captain Scarlet.
This 12" doll is nicely made and comes complete with an anti-Mysteron gun. He also has an automatic pistol in his holster.