Konami Captain Scarlet Toys

These are the Konami 'Candy Toy' models of Captain Scarlet vehicles. Models are between three and four inches in length

Unlike the other Gerry Anderson craft produced by Konami these have adhesive labels you have to affix yourself.
All those tiny little 'Spectrum' roundels!

Konami Spectrum Helicopter

Konami Spectrum Helicopter

This is a model of the helicopter that appears in the first episode of the Captain Scarlet series - Helicopter A-42.
An excellent model.

Konami SPV

Konami Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

Yet another model of the SPV. This one actually has the correct number of wheels - 20 in all.

Konami Angel Interceptor

Konami Angel Interceptor

Another nice model of a Spectrum aircraft.

Konami MSV

Konami Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV)

Very nicely detailed model. Again, Konami got the right number of wheels, eight.

Konami SPC

Konami Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC)

A great replica of a very nice looking Spectrum car.

Konami SPJ

Konami Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ)

The aircraft used to transport Spectrum agents around the world.