Captain scarlet Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys produced three Captain Scarlet vehicles in the 1960s.
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV), Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) and Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC).

These metal diecast toys were made in the late 1960s. Dinky Toys were part of the larger Meccano toy company - a major British toy producer of the period. As a child, I collected many of the TV related Dinky Toys, and the Captain Scarlet vehicles were my favourites.
A particularly irritating thing about Dinky Toys was that they'd often use the wrong colours on their TV related models. For example, they painted one of their Thunderbird 2 models blue instead of green and the UFO Interceptor green instead of white. More on those models elsewhere on this website.
Fortunately, the Captain Scarlet Dinkys were painted in appropriate colour schemes. The guy that did the peculiar paint jobs must have had the week off when they put these models into production.
I still have the models I bought back in the 1960s. They were well played with, but have survived surprisingly well. Like the 'real' Spectrum vehicles these Dinky models were built to last.

Dinky Captain Scarlet Vehicles

Captain Scarlet Vehicles by Dinky Toys

From left to right:
Maximum Security Vehicle
Spectrum Patrol Car.
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

Dinky MSV and Box

Dinky Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV)

This model has opening gull-wing doors and drop-down ramps.
It also came with a packing case labeled 'radio-active isotopes'.
My crate of isotopes has gone missing - but don't panic...

Dinky SPV and box

Dinky Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

A wealth of operating features on this model. Opening front hatch with firing missile, drop down tracks at rear and fold down roof antenna. Perhaps best of all is the opening side hatch which lowers a seated Captain Scarlet figure to the ground - just as in the TV series.

Dinky Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC)

A very nice model of the futuristic patrol car. For some reason Dinky fitted the car with 'jet engine sound'. Push the model down as you move it along and it makes a screeching noise. A silly idea - especially as the car made no such noise on TV. A gimmick that could have been left out. I would have preferred opening doors. It says 'first again' on the box - it was probably the last time it was used too. Still, luckily the gimmick doesn't impair the car's appearance unlike a similar treatment applied to the UFO Straker car... There must have been someone at Dinky who made a habit of taking a perfectly good model and spoiling it with gimmicks or peculiar paint finishes.
As you can see in the picture, boxes started out simple and got rather large in later years.

Page from Dinky catalogue

Extract from the 1969 Dinky catalogue

This is how the toys appeared in the Dinky catalogue.
Prices in shillings and pence were:

  • MSV 13/9
  • SPV 22/11
  • SPC 9/11

At the time the SPV was actually quite expensive - not exactly a pocket money price - had to wait 'til Christmas or a birthday to get something like that.