The Space City Captain Scarlet Gallery

Pauline and I created these pictures using kits and toys.
Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Dinky Toys SPV

An SPV in Pursuit

A Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) goes off the beaten track in search of Mysteron agents.
SPVs are kept in secret storage facilities throughout the world ready to be requisitioned by Spectrum operatives at a moments notice.
This is a Dinky Toys SPV.

Corgi Angel Interceptor

An Angel wings into the scene

An Angel Interceptor conducts aerial reconnaissance.
Piloted by "Angels", these sleek fighter aircraft are launched from Spectrum's Cloudbase HQ.
This version is by Corgi.


Speeding Into Danger

Captain Scarlet speeds to the trouble spot in a distinctive Spectrum saloon car.
It was in such a car that the original, human, Captain Scarlet met his death in a horrific crash engineered by the Mysterons.
This is a Corgi version.