Captain Scarlet Kits

The majority of the model kits you'll see here were produced by Imai and marketed by Amerang. Most of the kits make up into nice models, with a few exceptions. Sadly, the Cloudbase model and Spectrum helicopter are not very accurate. The twin pack sets of vehicles don't look as impressive as the larger models you'll see here. Somehow, the smaller the Imai kit, the more out of proportion it turns out to be.

Imai SPC

Imai Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC)

A nice Imai kit - though the total lack of interior is disappointing. The windows are tinted enough so that this does not spoil the model though. The rubber tyred wheels can be posed at different angles - we have a version of this kit which has a clockwork motor. We added plastic strips inside the wheel arches to make the car look more solid. There were holes in the headlamps for the dreaded Imai rocket launchers. We decided to fill the holes with a couple of machine guns - as used by James Bond and Lady Penelope. Two holes in the bonnet needed to be filled. Fuse wire was used for the aerial.

Imai SPV

Imai Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

One of our favourite Spectrum vehicles. A nice kit. We added a few extras to this model. The kit has rubber tyres for the outer large wheels, but not the inner ones (the SPV has 16 wheels!). We used a second kit to make up the full compliment of tyred wheels. Also, we felt the tracks at the back should fold down, as with the Dinky toy model. So, we put in a hinged piece of plastic at the back. We also omitted the rocket launchers in the air intakes and replaced them with grilles. The lining was done with self-adhesive plastic strips. The twin aerials were made from fuse-wire.

Imai MSV

Imai Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV)

The ultimate in safe driving. A cross between a tank and a Rolls Royce for secure V.I.P. transportation. Like the SPV and SPC this model has poseable wheels with rubber tyres. We bought a second kit to enable us to have rubber tyres on all 8 wheels instead of just the outer ones. We used perspex for the front windows. This time the Imai rocket launcher was in the front of the vehicle - where there should have been a Spectrum symbol. We cut out the symbol from the box and it's a perfect fit. The hole for the launcher trigger was a problem. It's in the raised ribbing on the bonnet. It took a good deal of trial and error with Milliput to successfully fill the hole without spoiling the model. Fuse-wire was used for the aerial as usual.

Imai Spectrum Jet

Imai Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ)

This aircraft is used to transport Spectrum personnel and VIPs to and from Cloudbase and to locations around the world.
The model here is an Imai kit.

Imai Angel Interceptor

Imai Angel Interceptor

The fighter jets of Spectrum's airforce. Each aircraft is flown by a female pilot. There are three Angel Interceptors ready for immediate launch from Cloudbase at any time.
This is an Imai model kit. A nice model and it was inexpensive too.

MSV wreck

MSV Wreckage

An MSV falls prey to the Mysterons.
To create a duplicate of a person or object, the Mysterons must first destroy the original. Is it the car or the passenger that has been copied? Spectrum must find the answer before the Mysterons strike again.
This is another Imai M.S.V. kit; the one we got the additional tyres from. We customized this model to serve as a wrecked vehicle. We opened up one of the doors (with a junior hacksaw) and added lots of damage and scorch marks.