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Captain Scarlet Logo

Captain Scarlet is indestructible. That's not to say he cannot be injured or killed. His body has the power to regenerate itself. It's actually a Mysteron created body. The Mysterons are the sworn ememies of Earth and they created a copy of the real Captain Scarlet after killing him. Their plan backfired when, after being shot and falling to what should have been certain death, the Mysteron copy of Scarlet found himself free of their control - and now considers himself to be human again.

So, Spectrum, a world security orgaisation, got one of it's best officers back with a bonus. He cannot be killed. Well, at least, not for long.
Captain Scarlet must find it pretty hard being given the most potentially lethal missions, knowing that he may well die - again and again in the service of Spectrum.

Vivid doll
Captain Scarlet - as a 12" doll made by Vivid Imaginations.

Still, it's not all bad news being a Spectrum agent. You get to use all sorts of nifty hi-tech vehicles. In this section of Space City we look at some of the toys and models of these wonderful machines.

The toys include offerings from Dinky Toys, Vivid Imaginations, Konami and most recently Corgi.
Spectrum is Green!



This is the headquarters of Spectrum. It is like a flying aircraft carrier, held aloft by massive atomic engines.
This model is a plastic toy made by Vivid Imaginations. The interceptor aircraft are metal models from Comet Miniatures. As is all too often the case with toy manufacturers, Vivid Imaginations made all of their toys to different scales. Their Angel Interceptors were far too big for the Cloudbase model.

Dinky SPV

Dinky Toys Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

This is a model of one of the most popular vehicles from the series. A heavily armed and armoured vehicle used by Spectrum agents in their constant battle with the Mysterons.
This metal diecast toy was made in the late 1960s. It has an opening side hatch with a figure of Captain Scarlet in the driver's seat. It also has drop down rear tracks for added mobility, a front mounted concealed missilelauncher and swing down antenna.

Hot Wheels SPV

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle - Hot Wheels Style

A nice little diecast metal SPV. It's about two inches long. The packaging is labelled 'Hot Wheels' and 'Charawheels. It was made for the Japanese market.
This is a very accurate looking model with nice attention to detail.